Why Does Website Speed Matter

Why Does Website Speed MatterWhy Does Website Speed Matter?

If you are in a restaurant and the service is poor, and the order is taking lots of time, it is obvious you will get angry. In certain situations, you might feel of leaving the restaurant and try a different one.

Similarly, a slow website may lead to losing customers. If your business always focuses on high profit and continuous traffic on the site, then speed is the most crucial aspect of maintaining the speed of the website.

Website speed refers to the performance and how fast the entire page can load. Poor performing sites are often slow to load.  It can make the user away from the website. If you do not want to lose your customers, then you need to maintain the speed of the website.

Importance Of Speed

According to the web application development company in Chennai speed of the website manipulate certain things

  • Conversion rate: The speed of the site always manages the conversion rate. It is the time taken by the website to complete a specific action after the user input. Page load time plays a vital role in the conversion rate. Individual eCommerce development companies in Chennai also discovered that when they decreased the load time, their sales increased along with the traffic.
  • Bounce rate: It is the rate of viewers who see the first page, that is the home page and leave the page. In case if your website is an online retail service, then people do not end up buying the product. This means the visitor gets frustrated when they realized that the speed of the website is slow.
  • User experience: Users get frustrated while using the website when they see that the site is slow. You will get a higher chance of losing potential customers.


Several factors reflect the speed of the website. These factors include page weight, network condition, location hosting, and much more. The network condition is not in the hand of the business end. However, other factors are depending on business management.

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