Which Approach To Choose In Mobile App Development

Which Approach To Choose In Mobile App Development: Native, Cross Platform Or Hybrid

In today’s modern society the use of smartphones is increasing day by day with almost everyone owning a smartphone and more and more people is using several different mobile applications for several reasons such as to shop, play games, read newspapers and many more.

Many app developers are developing several different and unique mobile apps to stay consistent in this ever-growing industry and with this come to the challenge of choosing the appropriate platform to create such apps.

Here is a list that suggests which mobile app development best suits you based on your requirement:
  • Native mobile apps:- In this, the apps are developed using a programming language that native to the device and the operating system such as Android (Java) or iOS (Swift or Objective-c) and are designed for a particular platform.
  • Cross-platform mobile apps:- The apps are develop and using an intermediate language such as JavaScript which is not local to operating system of the device and their code can be share between distinct versions of the apps across devices. For instance both iOS and Android.
  • Hybrid mobile apps:- Like Native mobile app. The user can download from the app store of the platform. The sole difference lies in the development process and apps are create using software like HTML5 or JavaScript. These apps are functional across all mobile devices.

Conclusion: Which Approach To Choose In Mobile App Development

In a nutshell, choosing the right and appropriate approach to develop mobile applications depends on the app developer’s requirement. If you need to build an app for a particular platform. You have to go for Native app development. If you want to develop an app to use across multiple platforms and devices. You should choose Hybrid or Cross-Platform app development. This depends on your budget and app functionality.

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