What is blockchain and how does blockchain works


What is blockchain and how does blockchain works?

The growth in the digital world is seeing no boundaries and is growing by leaps and bounds. The newest invention is the blockchain technology which has been evolving into a more magnificent structure. Blockchain structure has turn out to backbone of the internet. which allows the digital information to be distribute and not copy like before.

Blockchain technology mushrooms many subtopics under it. Before learn anything it is essential to know what exactly is blockchain and how does it work.

Meaning and working of blockchain technology

Blockchain can be define as a time-stamp series of data of immutable records. which is manage by a cluster of computers. These blocks are bound and secure by cryptographic principles. The blockchain does not have any central authority making the nature of blockchain transparent and people involve become accountable for the actions are done by them.

Blockchain technology is inexpensive as it has no transaction cost. The process of sharing of information is safe and automated. Blockchain can replace business models that belief in relying on the principle of charging fees for transactions made through them.

The working of blockchain technology can be explain in the following steps:

  • The addition of a new purchase into a blockchain executes a set of algorithms that evaluates and verify the history of blockchain block.
  • The majority of nodes either does or does not come to a consensus on whether the history and the signature are valid or not. If the agreement is valid, a new block is accept in the ledger and gets add to the chain of transactions.
  • The blockchain runs as a distribute ledger without the need of central authority.

Conclusion: What is blockchain and how does blockchain works?

Blockchain is a new technology that comes packed with new opportunities and many benefits. It is free of cost and safe. It has made its way into the working of many business giants for its seamless working technology.

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