Ways to Prevent Against Hacking Applications

Ways to Prevent Against Hacking Applications

Here are some quick tricks to prevent the hacking of applications:

  • When source codes are converted to jar dex files, the extracted code is not just easy to read, but also it becomes difficult for an experienced developer to obtain the same. Special tools like JAD, JD-GUI, and dex2jar. However, this doesn’t fully protect the application, but just complicates the task for pirates.
  • Important algorithms like data can be stored in the server to prevent hacking. After all, penetrating a configured server is quite difficult.
  • Credentials can be stored in the user’s device to protect them from being stolen.
  • Contact good app developers to design your app. They have tips to make your app safe.
  • You must store your API keys responsibly. They should not have free access else the hacker will get the secret code by decompiling the APK file.

There is a compromise of confidential data when a user connects a device to the computer as a USB drive. Full access to the files in the memory is accessible. And after the application is deleted, the data may still remain. Using of software like SQLite to eliminate damage from storing critical information on external drive maybe an escape to the problem. However, none of the above measures provide complete security; they surely minimize the likelihood of hacking. Hence, you must make sure to include security requirements for the application in the technical task. You may seek help from app developers for the development of your mobile app.

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