Top 5 most prevalent digital wallet trends of 2019

Top 5 most prevalent digital wallet trends of 2019

The digital wallet has become a trend. More than 50 percent of working professionals over the globe using digital wallet. Initially, people do not apply to trust in digital wallets. For security reasons, they do not prefer digital wallets. Now digital wallet ecosystem is much stronger. Security is stronger. People believe digital wallets. Large transactions also happen through digital sales.

Here is the list of some Digital wallets that are trending throughout the globe.

PayPal wallet

Online payment method, accessible throughout the world

Supports B2B transactions

Compatible with Android and iOS both, yet optimization require for mobile devices

The connection of portfolios to the bank is essential. Or else 2.9 percent of the transaction is deducted

Google Pay wallet

  • Direct purchase from the bank is possible.
  • No extra deduction
  • Globally accessible
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Easier to use

Amazon Pay

  • Globally available
  • Direct bank to bank transfer
  • Identity authentication is strict
  • New in wallet services, yet large customer base


  • Accessible only in India and Canada
  • Easy to use
  • Having several partner organizations
  • Less documentation and authentication
  • The wallet have online store


The trend of E-wallet is increasing day by day. The entire world is moving towards a cashless economy. Initially, the digital transaction was a matter of the risk for the people. However these wallets are more secure. Using a digital wallet is easier. Personal information comes with security. 24×7 customer services are available for these wallets. Not only working professionals however but there is a massive craze of digital wallets among students.

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