Tips To Create Faster Loading Page

Tips To Create Faster Loading Page

The productivity of a business is directly proportional to how quickly the website opens and serves the need of a user when accessed. The minimal difference of time in loading decides the fate of a sale as for every one second of loading time consumed additionally. The intention of the user gets adversely affected, pushing him/her to some other destination than yours.

Keeping the same logic in point, Amazon, in 2006, operated an experiment on its loading time and found that for every 100 milliseconds the website sped up, the revenue generation increased by 1%.

What are the hacks to create faster loading page?

Compress your images

There are many plugins available on the WordPress that freely avails image compressing option. Large file sizes, especially the images, are always problematic and cause website slowing down. If you use an image compressor, it reduces the size of the images, and there occurs no quality harm.

Use a good theme (in case of WordPress Website)

What’s in our capability is to keep prevention always first and then give a thought to cure. Similar is the case with using good theme. Knowing that at later stages of a website’s life the website speed starts slowing down, so the best options to curb these issues by using a proper host, an appropriate theme, excellent design, and a good CDN.

Clean up database

Post revisions, deactivated plugins, and saved drafts. All sums up to make WordPress website very messy and cause a reduction in speed. To cut down this hassle, a few plugins like WP-Optimize. It works as an automatic doctor for the junk files and delete all such stuff that is useless.

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