Technology Trends that are Going to Re-shape the world Economy In 2020

Technology Trends that are Going to Re-shape the world Economy In 2020

Technological advancement is one of the burning topics in today’s world. Today we are getting everything at our fingertips. In this century, we are experiencing the best era of technical revolution. Today people around the globe surround themselves on the internet. Everyone in this world updates themselves on the internet. In the coming days, there will be more changes in this technological world. Due to technology, the world economy also changes.


Trends say that till 2020 world will be on a new elevation. It will affect the upliftment of the economy.

Tesla Electric Car:

∙         Tesla Roadster is the upcoming version of this brand. This eco-friendlier automobile is going to launch in 2020.

∙         Product architect and the owner Elon Musk, is planning to outreach this technology.


∙         Elon Musk promises to launch a fifth means of transport.

∙         Hyperloop is a 10 km vacuum tunnel. It transports people with high speed.

Industrial Automation

∙         Industries need less human resources.

∙         Technological innovations are making industrial activities more efficiently using IOTs.

5G Network

∙         It has already been tested in Netherland

∙         In coming years 5G network can speed up the internet to 1 GB/sec

Artificial Intelligence

∙          All the top companies of the world developing their artificial intelligence (AI) at a rapid pace

∙         Till 2020 Artificial intelligence can create a revolution in the technological field.


2020 will be one of the valuable times for the world. Several projects are going to complete by 2020. These innovations can take the market of technology to a new level.  These trends are going to affect the economy of the world.

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