Mobile Marketing Voice Search Trends for 2019

Mobile Marketing Voice Search Trends for 2019

As we all are aware of the fact that voice search is a technology that allows us i.e end users to perform a search or find on the internet by verbally asking a question on a smartphone or any smart device or a computer rather than using the traditional approach of typing the query or a word into a search box. There are various top mobile marketing voice search trends for 2019. Some of them are as follows-:

  1. Top voice search devices –
  2. Google Home
  3. Amazon Echo/Alexa
  4. Android Phones and devices
  5. Google Assistant(Google Allo)
  6. Siri/iPhone
  7. Microsoft Cortana, and many more

Hence, these are the top voice searches devices which are widely used right now throughout the world. Other top trends may include like as -:

  1. Always use top used keywords while voice searching –

That’s a fact that more than 20% of all the voice searches are triggered by using 25 keywords. So use specific keywords in case of voice searching.

  1. There’s always a market growth statistics for voice search devices –

According to the latest stats report of global market details we have following details-:

  1. The global market for voice search devices grew over a rate of 187% in 2018(till December).
  2. Google, Apple, Amazon, Xiaomi, and other manufacturers collectively shipped over a 16.8 million units 2018 across a globe.
  3. Google has sold over a 5.4 million google home devices so far in 2018.
  1. Performance statistics for voice search devices matters the most –

Well last but not the least, there’s always a winner in every race, right. And we have a winner of this race too. Any Guesses? Well, I think you’re right, it’s one and only – Google. The Google home device has become a winner by answering up to 81% of all the questions and queries. And that will go to keep up in 2019 too.

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