Mobile App Payment Gateway Integration

Mobile App Payment Gateway Integration

A payment gateway allows you to handle online payments. Generally, all e-commerce websites have this feature. As the name suggests, the carts are linked to payment gateway providers. It makes the website more users friendly. So it works by the user checking out from the cart and pays by the card, this gateway sends a request to the bank that issued the user’s credit or debit card. In return, the bank sends an approval code.

A merchant account is a bank associated with your business. It helps your business to accept electronic card payment.

  • You can use a gateway API for credit card payment integration. Credit card transactions can be done through their APIs. Once you take the responsibility of credit data on yourself, the process becomes easier.
  • Before you begin the service of payment collection, make sure to adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). You can also find a list of service providers that comply with PCI-DSS in the Visa Global Registry.
  • Use websites like Braintree and Stripe for regular updates. Integration with such websites is quite simple and they are dedicated to providing the app developers with the latest and most successful payment options.
  • Braintree and Stripe can provide card-on-present transactions but Square and PayPal provide solutions to accept payments from consumers at a point of the scale.

Electronic money systems can help in implementing the payment functions for your app. Use of good payment gateways can help you simplify the integration of credit and debit card payments. Moreover, they are compatible with both iOS and Android. In the end, just look for all the types of good solutions for your app and they design one.

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