Magento vs. Shopify vs. Woo Commerce

Magento vs. Shopify vs. Woo Commerce

For planning a successful business model, e-commerce is a very effective and popular alternative. E-commerce is a platform that can cause an effect to a wide audience.

Most popular and best e-commerce sites:

So today we are comparing tree most popular and best e-commerce sites available in the market at this moment.

We shall tell you our analysis in aspects like pricing tables, features, design, ease-of-use, hosting issues, pros and cons etc.

  1. Talking about unlimited product attributes, Shopify seems to offer only three product attributes whereas and Magento and Woo Commerce provide unlimited product attributes.
  2. All three of the sites have availed the facility of mobile commerce and in-built marketing.
  3. However, as per the ease of use is concerned, Shopify is rated 9/10, Magento has scored a 7/10 and Woo Commerce has bagged 8/10 for the same.
  4. Woo-commerce allows its customers to give their reviews and feedback. However, Shopify, on the other hand, offers free hosting. This means that you won’t have to do anything else other than getting an account and then creating products right away. Magento doesn’t provide any such offers but allows its customers to give polls and make customer groups.
  5. Magento offers multiple wish lists. Similarly, Woo commerce is bundled with many payment gateways like PayPal, BACS and COD etc.
  6. Shopify comes with many options for SEO and social links. This promotes the website. Magento has come up with fully customizable design, using templates. Compared to this, Woo commerce is built as a WordPress plugin and is available from the wp-admin login of your site.
  7. Magento’s premium plan is hugely expensive. Even Woo commerce doesn’t come with free hosting; you’ll have to pay separately for the same. Shopify comes with many unbelievably good attributes and is free of cost.

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