How to Optimize Your Site

How to Optimize Your Site

We all know the best way to get profit off our website is to have its top rank of any search engine. But the question here is how do we do that? Actually the whole process of ranking your website on any search engine it is called SEO (search engine optimization).

It has two parts:

One is on page SEO another is off page seo. Let me first tell you about the off page SEO. Off-page optimization is nothing but a technique to improve the search engine ranking for our keywords. It’s used to build a back links on other websites. It’s our long term process and it must be done regularly. It is usually done offside and hence it is not visible on our website. It is almost like a backstage work to make the show a hit. Some of the basic and cool off page SEO technique are directory submission, social bookmarking, article submission and so on. This thing will eventually help your website achieve a good rank on search engine.

Now are another important point is on page SEO. It’s basically all about your website for how it looks and what is written on each article. Any search engine usually prefers website which is focusing on any one niche instead of focusing on different topics. So the best track is to focus on one knee so if people read your article they should be like “huh! Wow, I read this article. I don’t have any more questions and I know what to do next.” You need to be through with your content. So poke holes in your content as many as you can and fill them all up so in that way people are like this is the site you should end up reading if you are interested in that particular topic.

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