How to Develop a Best-Selling Reading App

How to Develop a Best-Selling Reading App: Tips and Tricks

Ups and downs are something very common when you’re doing a business. You’re supposed to face a moment when there’s no growth in your business. At such situation, what you need is to search is powerful sales channel and new strategies. Whether you’ve a small startup or you are a large publisher, you should try to attract and earn online readers. Even the offline book retailers should think of doing online business. Book retailers have started taking the advantages of e-reading apps and it’s time for you to plan the same.


It should be More Personal:-

It has been found that people opt for the services that are more personalized. So while building a reading app, keep the same thing in mind. Your app must allow the users to choose the topics in the welcome (beginning) screen. You can even add names of authors, categories, themes for better user experience.

Add Audio Feature in it:-

It should always provide those services that are more demanding by the users. Actually, some people prefer listening the book rather than reading it. So you can make them happy by providing text-to-speech functionality with your app. Moreover, this feature also attracts the attention of the users and makes it more interesting.

Make it More Learning:-

If you’ve prepared an app that includes books of different languages, then include an on-demand translation widget for user’s convenience. So when user taps on any word, he should be getting the translation or the explanation.

It should be Highly Accessible:-

Make your services more flexible. A user must not have limited resources to get access to your service. Whether he has a mobile phone, laptop, or personal computer, your application must be compatible with all of them. To make it implement, you’ve to develop a cloud or web version for your service.

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