How to Build a Rental Search App and Solve Real Tenants’ Problems.

How to Build a Rental Search App and Solve Real Tenants’ Problems.

Population has been growing rapidly day by day, and demand for the rental home/apartments is also gaining high. There are different rental search apps available that can help you in finding a better value apartment. However, if you’re planning to build a rental search app then you must consider the success of top competitors. In this article, we’ll be talking about some ways that will help you in building a rental search app.

Include Strong Search Filter:-

Any user needs simplified and well-optimized application interface that can be used quickly. You can use a large range of filters that includes price, location, no of BHK, type of apartment, and many more. Apart from this, you can even add sorting feature for price, relevance, and date of listing.

Connect tenants directly to the agents:-

Users might wish for the agent who has been doing the job for them. So you must include a custom search tool such that user can find their agents through your platform.

Instant Communication:-

Your application must include real time communication feature, where user can instantly communicate with the agents or landlords. Text messages and exchange of media files would be enough for communication. You can apply for readymade hosted messaging solutions, or can prepare your own.

Accept Reviews and Feedback:-

You should definitely allow user to share their experience on your platform. They can leave their comments and views about the agents or your service.

Additional Features To Be Included:-

● Favorites – A user must be allowed to add his favorite or if the listing for easy finding and access.

● Push Notifications – You must be notifying users about new listings based on their previous searches using notifications.

● Pictures and videos – Always add clear pictures or video of the apartment for better experience of the users.

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