How To Build A Real-Time Chat For Web And Mobile

How To Build A Real-Time Chat For Web And Mobile With A Hosted Messaging Service?

In this digital world, messaging becomes a way of interaction. People prefer to develop a real-time chat app for interaction that adds a personal touch experience to the world. Messaging apps have many advanced features like media sharing, video call, group chats and voice, and video chats.

Hosted messaging services are ready-made solutions which provide a fast and easy way to add messaging capabilities to the app using just a few lines of code. It is a locked ecosystem which your web or mobile clients connect to via SDKs and APIs in order to become chat-enabled. Users need to do is put a special code snippet in an app via SDK and users will be able to exchange text, voice, share files and video messages.

Hosted messaging service is to simplify the complicate development process and implements a turnkey messaging solution which allows businesses to emphasize on what makes their app different from others. While using a ready-made third-party messaging service, developers

Don’t need to worry about deploying code, supporting and maintaining code, fixing bugs, configuring services and so on.

A self-hosted messaging solution is between a chat project developed from scratch and a ready-made solution provided by a third-party solution. It provides source code which you can buy and deploy your own servers that allow for superior accessibility for customized features and style of chat. It also needs to maintain your real-time chat application.

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