How React Native Can Reduce the Cost Of Development and Improve Efficiency?

How React Native Can Reduce the Cost Of Development and Improve Efficiency?

Since the race to develop great software never stopped and it will never stop for sure, here comes the Facebook-React Native. Facebook introduced the react native in 2015 and has created tremendous as well as an extraordinary excitement in an app market.

Here are the top ways that describe how Facebook mobile app development framework-React Native simplify development for cross-platform and reduces the cost of its development and improve its efficiency. These areas follows-:

  1. Between Android and IOS, Platform 90% of the code is shared-

Android and iOS are two separate and completely different platforms supporting their own specific programming languages. The major advantage of using React Native for cross-platform development is shared between Android and iOS which is 90% of the code. The number is huge. So just think about it. 

  1. Navigation property-

React Native comes with several inbuilt navigators that enable developers to set up the screens of an application by writing a few lines of code. So that helps a lot in developing side team, doesn’t it? 

  1. Simplified UI feature-

Mobile Apps build using React Native consist of native widgets that let the app functionality like any other native app. The framework is used to produce attractive as well as more simplified user interfaces. And when it comes to usability features, animated features, it runs outperforming even the real native apps. 

  1. Faster rate development-

React Native has a vast developer community across the globe. The members especially all the native developers contribute their work to the community; therefore the following development has a very fast rate.

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