How Domain Authority Affects Your Search Engine Ranking?

How Domain Authority Affects Your Search Engine Ranking?

Domain authority ranges from 1 to 100 and predicts how well a website would rank on a search engine result page. The greater the domain authority, the greater is the chance for that website to rank. Domain authority is a sum up of—including but not limited to—linking root domains, total counts of internal and external links, and MOZ rank.

Domain authority (DA) is one of the website metrics developed by MOZ. It’s one of the most important sources on the internet. For knowing the capability of your website for search engine ranking objective.

How to improve your domain authority?

Audit your link profile

Google wants you to have back links obtained from high-authority websites. Networking with reputed websites gives you recognition in the eyes of the search engine and your DA thus surges. There are free and paid SEO tools like MOZ’s Link Explorer and SEM rush back link Checker. It will help you to evaluate the health of a link. Further, there comes the role of Disavow Tool by Google. Which helps in strengthening the link profile by weeding poor links out of your website.

Create great content

In the age of internet marketing, the cure for anything occurred wrong is to produce great content. Some part of Google’s search algorithm ranking gets affected by the content-produced effects like received organic traffic, bounce rate, engagement duration, SERP CTR, back links acquired from authoritative websites and retained visits, organic traffic, and total traffic. To boost the domain authority, create compelling content that can excite and engage a loyal audience.

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