How Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Mobile App Personalization

How Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Mobile App Personalization


All this goes back to Apple’s launch of Siri in 2011; it was consider as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) when iPhone 4s was in the market.

The term ‘AI’ means, it is an intelligent response system that takes informed decisions based on what human beings command.

The use of AI is highly exploit in the smartphone industry. Another example of ‘AI’ is Cortana which was incorporate by Nokia in the Lumia series.

It’s not only about how artificial intelligence is driving mobile app personalization, but it’s also making day-to-day tasks more manageable. It enables efficient multi-tasking for us.

How AI is Impacting Mobile Application Development and Marketing

AI is not only making the processes more straightforward, but it is also helping many big businesses like Amazon and eBay to maintain accurate customer information.

In the smartphone realm, many companies such as Google and Huawei have included AI for ‘user experience.

AI is making user experience quite efficient and secure, which is what drives customers to buy a product from the same manufacturer or recommend it to a friend.

So, let’s see how AI is impacting mobile application development and marketing.


The ability to ‘reason’ is an essential skill that AI possesses that makes it so much useful and in demand. For instance, companies like Uber use AI to keep drivers in the right direction, from the data of previous customers and drivers who have taken the same route.


Being in the generation of smartphones, we have experienced regular discount notifications from many shopping apps. This is where AI comes into pictures, whenever a particular product or a product similar to what we’ve bought is in discount, AI senses it from the data of our previous purchases.


We are in the information age, and all of us browse through massive content daily. Search engines like Google and Bing, use AI to put in our recommendation a bunch of content that we’d like to look at from our browser history.

Personalization Capability

The smartphone industry has exploited AI intensely by enabling AI to make usage personalized by keeping in track our daily activities from emails to purchases and health-related aspects. AI is acting as a boon and optimizing mobile access.


The future of AI is massive as it is being predicted that by ten years, the world will be automated, as researchers and engineers are utilizing their expertise to make AI more sustainable, controlled and feasible.

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