Google’s March 2019 core quality update

Google’s March 2019 core quality update: Stories of recovery.

It was March 12, when Google released its algorithm update that had impact few other sites on the web. Most of the sites noticed a big change because of the previous August 1, 2018 update. Sites that experienced big changes were mostly medical based, while this update doesn’t have an impact over medical sites only. In this article, we’ll be talking about this Google core quality update and would see what changes each site have made. So following are some examples that will help you in knowing what changes you can make to improve your site.

Nutrition Site:-

Out of many nutrition sites, this site noticed huge drops in conjunction by August update. And it was found that:

● Contain more E-A-T related info On Home page – QRG says that it is important to specify the beneficial purpose of the web page. The owner of the web updated the site by adding the beneficial purpose and clarified why people should browse this webpage.

● Include clear terms and conditions – QRG suggests raters to look for all the information regarding payment, exchange, and returns on the page. Apart from this, also include true and genuine contact information on the site.

● Update the content regularly – If your nutrition site has content for the medicines or treatments that doesn’t have scientific evidence, then remove it and update your site.

E-Commerce Site:-

This site has been noticing a big increase in traffic from the March core quality update. For previous updates, it doesn’t notice much gain.

● Add E-A-T related information – Similar to previous site, you’re supposed to add information that why people should visit your site and consider you as an expert.

● keep improving product page – Most of the e-commerce site face this issue. But the site owner showed his potential and publishes unique product review and description. Also, include guide and video instruction for each product.

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