Facebook PPC vs Google PPC Choose the best for your business

Facebook PPC vs Google PPC Choose the best for your business – There is something designed for everyone and talking in the sense of business. Where Google PPC ads don’t seem fulfilling promises, Facebook PPC serves its importance and vice versa. Both of the options are old in the industry and have gone through enormous changes to alter the standard of the service since their debut.

If we talk about Facebook regardless of its competitors like Instagram and LinkedIn, people find its significance and role in some other place and have stuck to it making it number one social media. Despite various protests and business up and down. There are over 1.74 billion people Facebook users as of the 2016 survey.

Google was number one and has elevated to such a level where its competitors are nowhere close. Most people, if talked about search engines relate Google directly with the search engine ranking and there come no other name in their mind. In fact, as per latest survey, Google covers 92.7% share of the Internet searches.

Facebook PPC vs Google PPC
  • Compared to Google PPC Facebook PPC are shareable and open to public opinion. If there is a happy customer of a business, he/she acts as an advertising source for a company. Google PPC has no such a facility.
  • The most significant advantage of Facebook advertising is its ability to target potential customers with demographic targeting, advertisers get the most out of a campaign as they get traffic closest to their need. On Google, all the way is possible with keywords if you know how to play well with it.

Compared to the only text version ads of Google PPC, Facebook ads have images inscribing options. Which supplements the chances for clicks and makes the ads visually appealing? This way, Facebook proves beneficial for the e-commerce sector giving sellers a cool way of showcasing their products.

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