2019 E-commerce Predictions

2019 E-commerce Predictions

In the internet way of doing business, e-commerce is skyrocketing and to adjust with the rapidly swinging pace of the market. The businesses need to adapt to the new formulae recently launched or being practiced before businesses soon go belly up.

Since the last business calendar, The US e-commerce sales boomed by 16%, touching the $450 billion mark with respect to the last year achievement. According to Kleiner Perkins’ Internet Trends 2018 Report. This report also unveils that 60% of the merchants observed a tremendous rise in their digital conversion compared to the last-year sales generation.

Let’s discover those three keys that would unlock the predictions into 2019 e-commerce marketing:

Customer Experience

Customer experience is a thing that crops up time and time again and acts as the middle pillar of business-to-consumer relationship. The same goes for the year 2019 as bigger companies like Amazon. Amazon is shelling out a large sum in exercising the algorithms to unearth the user experience. They reading and assessing their searches to improve the return on investment.

Social, Chatbot, and AR selling

Every year a new thing appears in the e-commerce way of dealing with products and services. 2019 is the year of the Chatbot, AR selling and social media channels. According to 2019 e-commerce predictions. The selling things that held its boundary confined up to cart only will flourish beyond it. With the help of emerging technologies like Chatbot and AR selling.

Chatbot is new, but don’t take it for a small thing because it’s potential is huge for expanding the business outreach. Social media marketing will spirally surge this year as well, as the personalization feature for selling things is in extensive demand.

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